How to Clean Rubber Car Mats

Published: 04th June 2010
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Rubber mats are a great way of protecting your cars carpets and fitted mats from heavy soiling. It is a popular choice to use rubber mats during winter months when a greater amount of dirt, mud, ice and other general contaminants are likely to be trodden into the carpets.

If rubber mats are left for any considerable time however, the dirt and contaminants can spill over and work their way into the carpet and mats underneath, defeating the object of using them in the first place.

Some cars such as 4x4's that are made to be used off road may have rubber mats fitted from the factory in place of carpeted ones. It is therefore important to regularly clean and rejuvenate them to ensure they stay looking good and to prolong the life of them.

The first thing that should be done when cleaning rubber mats is to take them out of the vehicle and remove any loose dirt. If the mats are heavily soiled then they should be cleaned using either a diluted all purpose cleaner or a designated de greaser/cleaner. You should apply the product generously all over the mat and allow to dwell for a few moments to soften up any stubborn dirt. Once the product has been allowed to dwell, a stiff bristled detailing or nail brush should be used to agitate the cleaner, further helping to lift off any stubborn dirt. After agitating, the cleaner needs to be removed/rinsed off. Due to the fact that rubber mats are hard wearing and resistant they can simply be rinsed off with a hosepipe or pressure washer, this will ensure all dirt and cleaning residue is thoroughly removed. After rinsing the the mats should be placed somewhere suitable to dry off.

Once cleaned and dried, the mats need to be sufficiently rejuvenated to restore them back to a new looking standard. A designated rubber dressing product only should be used for this. It is important not to use any other kind of dressing product as they may leave the mats greasy and slippery which obviously could be dangerous for the driver and passengers alike. The rubber dressing should be applied directly to the mats and thoroughly worked in with a soft bristled detailing brush to ensure it penetrates all areas. A micro fibre towel can then be used to remove any excess product and leave them with an even uniform finish.

If your rubber mats are not too heavily soiled, they can simply be removed from the vehicle, vacuumed off using a soft brush attachment and then treated with the rubber dressing/rejuvenator if necessary.

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